10 reasons you should use Crowdfunding specialists

1) Investment voice 

Successful raises find a strong voice for their campaign. To achieve this the company must have a real knowledge of the market and an understanding of what messaging works best with each niche. These are difficult processes to get right and require a lot of time-investment often with an outside perspective.

2) Investment identity 

A clear identity provides something for would-be investors to identify with. Without a clear identity built on the needs and desires of the target audience, Startups can find themselves chasing and inconsistency. Chasing can lead brands to an un-identifiable campaign with an incoherent story. 

3) Investor audiences

Brands must target new audience’s and re-evaluate their existing ones for investment purposes, when crowdfunding. Successful campaigns use data analytics to achieve this.

4) Management

Crowdfunding requires carefully planned and strictly adhered to strategies and timelines. Specialists can focus their time solely on your campaign to create a considered road-map. 

5) Exposure 

Crowdfunding specialists have access to wider and targeted audiences and can provide a launch-pad for campaigns through PR and market placement.

6) Content

Content is an important part of successful campaigns. Done properly, it inspires confidence in a brand and demonstrates opportunity. A variety of content, carefully targeted and strategically placed separates brands from its competition and ultimately leads to greater investment levels.

7) Social

Crowdfunding campaigns done right have a coherent and thought-through social strategy and accurately reflects the identity of the company and engages with target audiences in a way which few companies ever manage. Crowdfunding specialists are trained for growth stage strategy and activation.

8) Statistics - Growth Hat

Growth Hat has a 150% overpraise average for our clients. There are never any guarantees in Crowdfunding, but we like to think we give brands the best chance.

9) Time/Focus

Crowdfunding campaigns need time, focus and constant attention. How many startups can honestly say they have the resources to give the campaign the time it deserves? If you can, you’re company probably needs slimming.

10) Post-raise preparation

Growth Hat works with our brands to develop their market position, identity and voice following successful raise. We develop and activate strategies to bring the brand closer to their audience and develop thought leadership.

Ed Prior


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